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Agathe & Arnaud

One year before, after 6 years together, the Arnaud has decided to proposed the woman of his life Agathe to be his wife. On the mountant next to her home, Agathe said “oui”.

They decided to organise their wedding at the end of summer, in the small village where is the hometown of Agathe, 600km far away from Paris. It’s a peaceful place with less than 40 household, a real countryside with grand fields extend to the horizon, the majestic blue mountains, the brilliant sunset and the the wind carry the scent of lavender.

On the morning of the wedding day, Agathe woke up, make up and talk quietly with her family and close friend. Her brother was always beside , took care and tried to encouraged her. His dearest sister, his best friend, today will become the most beautiful princess, The chariot took our bride to her special day, and then she took her brother's arm to walk down the aisle to marry her beloved.

And then, the story begin..

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