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About us

Who are we

Neography was founded in summer 2016 with the inspiration of love and the belief that wedding photography is beautiful work which can be described with words “ Inspiration, stunning, and honest” .

As we truly believe that all the moment when you beside your beloved is precious and unplaceable, it could be a pleasure to be your photographer and document all your happiness.

Based in Paris - the famous city of passionate love, we have an endless inspiration for creativities and never stop to find out the best way to capture your happiness’s shape. Well known for its cinematic style, Neography hope to bring you photos that as stunning as a film, a film about your adventure of happiness.

Neography now currently intent in Pre-wedding & Wedding Photo/ Portrait Photo/ Maternity Photography/ Family. We are here for all the important steps in your life




Jen VU

Costumer service

Jen VU

How we work

Before the day

Book the day, meeting with  Jenni (directly or via sky/viber/whatsapp) to make the idea for the concept of photo shooting

On the day

Walking, talking, what ever you want to enjoy your day ;) That's how a shooting photo day with Neography happend

Choosing your photo

Neography will  sent photo to you via a private gallery, you can easily choose all the photos that you may like and leave the comment for us.

After service

Time to open the package that we sent to you!!! Litter surprise from us to our customer which is made by heart, hope that you love it too ;) !