Terms of Services

Status : Neography refers to Mr. Huu Tien TRAN (Toby), an independent photographer, and Mrs. Nhung VU (Jenny), a collaborator under the status of a self-employed person, Siret: domiciled at 56 rue Victor Hugo 91330 YERRES. Tel: 06 49 49 38 04 - contact@neography.paris - https://neography.paris

Visual Style : By accepting the quote, you agree to Neography's photography style. Retouching is an integral part of the service and reflects Neography's current identity. The visual style cannot be challenged upon delivery of the work. However, you may suggest some minor modifications, and Neography reserves the right to accept or reject your suggestions.

Validity of the Offer : The quote is valid for 1 month from the date of issue. Beyond that, Neography reserves the right to maintain or modify the offer. An updated quote may replace the previous one (also applicable in case of a change in the event date). If the quote expires and no deposit is made (accepted by Neography), the event date mentioned in the quote will not be reserved.

Service : The detailed description of the service is specified in the quote. Any additional services not included in the quote will be invoiced separately. Any modifications requested by the client will be considered within the limits of feasibility.

Withdrawal : For all signed quotes at your home, you have a withdrawal period of fourteen days according to the consumer code (articles L. 221-18). The deposit will be refunded by Neography.

Cancellation by the Client : In case of cancellation, the following conditions apply:

Cancellation more than three months before the service:

  • The deposit paid upon reservation as defined in the quote will be fully acquired by Neography and will not be subject to a refund.
  • If no deposit has been paid, an amount equivalent to 10% of the total invoice will be due to Neography as compensation for the incurred damages.

Cancellation less than three months before the service:

  • A 50% charge of the total service amount will be applied, excluding travel expenses.
  • Any cancellation of the order must be made in writing. No cancellations will be accepted for services already rendered.
  • All expenses already incurred at the time of cancellation will be invoiced.

Cancellation by Neography : In case of force majeure, the following conditions apply:

Cancellation more than three months before the event:

  • The amounts received by Neography will be fully refunded.

Cancellation less than three months before the event:

  • Neography commits to providing a quality replacement provider offering an equivalent service at no additional cost.
  • However, if you prefer to find another provider yourself, the amounts already paid will be refunded by Neography. The choice and expenses related to the new provider will then be your responsibility.

Authorization for Reproduction : You acknowledge and accept that Neography may reproduce your image and that of your guests for promotional purposes only on the following platforms: private gallery of the couple on the Neography.paris website, gallery on social networks, and partner websites. By doing so, you assign your image rights on the internet and for the sole use of Neography. You acknowledge that you are in agreement with the fact that your minor children may be photographed and accept the reproduction of the images for promotional purposes. You agree to inform your guests, and in case of written refusal from you or a third party, the images will not be used.

General Description of Products and Services : The website "https://neography.paris" strives to provide the most accurate description possible of the offered products. However, for photo reports, only the provided quotes will give a detailed description associated with a specific commercial proposal. We also encourage clients to contact us by phone, email, or mail to obtain additional information about our products and services.

Prices and Payment Conditions : VAT not applicable - article 293 B of the French Tax Code. Prices are indicated in euros. The payment conditions and any required deposits will be specified in the quote. Payment method: bank transfer, cash.

In case of late payment, any discounts granted will be canceled. Early payment discount: 0%. For purchases of products (photo prints, USB keys, etc.), full payment must be made at the time of ordering. Orders must be paid in euros. Neography reserves the right to cancel any order or delivery in case of payment issues.

Data Management : Despite all the precautions taken to ensure security and preserve the confidentiality of the photos published on its website, Neography declines any responsibility for any attempts of intrusion, computer hacking, or malicious acts targeting the computer systems related to the provision of the service, and for the resulting harmful consequences. If, despite all our precautions, Neography were to lose all your files following a malicious act, the total amount of the service will be refunded to you, without additional damages.

Liabilities : The amount of damages that Neography could be liable to pay to the beneficiary is expressly capped at the total amount of the service.

Claims and Jurisdiction Clause : In case of disputes or claims, you must submit your complaints within 48 hours after delivery. The contract is governed by French law. In case of dispute regarding the application or interpretation of this contract, the parties agree to seek an amicable solution.